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How to make our own PTC site

Hello friends till where I know, you all are well aware of PTC sites. And if you want to make your own PTC site, then this post will be very helpful for you because in this post I am going to share my knowledge about How to make our own PTC site.

How to make our own PTC sites

There are two ways of making a PTC website, one by one we will learn both the methods.

So let's get started....,

1) Automatic

It is the easiest way by which you can make your PTC site. If you don't know much about programming and web design, still you can make a well designed and a beautiful PTC site with this way.

In automatic way you don't need to buy hosting, PTC script, domain seperatly, but in this method you have to register only and buy the package and everything is pre-installed for you.

There are so many automatic sites are available in the market but the site I trust is PTC BUX Maker, you can also make your site by using this automatic provider.

2) Manually

It's more secure way to build an PTC site. But it is little bit complectedd then the automatic way in this you have to buy Hosting, domain and PTC script sepreatly and connect them with each other.

In this way you have to manually link your PTC script with your hosting and also link your payment gateway with your PTC script.

This method is more costly then the other methods.

You can purchase :-

Hosting -

Domain -

PTC script - PTC BUX Maker 

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